Changing how

we connect,

changes everything

Phone with juggle app on it infront of bubbles
Infographic Part1 - Choose

Pick your activities, hobbies and interactions that are most important to you.

How and how often do you want to connect with the people that matter? Over lunch? At activities? You decide.

Infographic Part2 - Set Up
Infographic Part3 - Collections

Group your family and friends into collections and communicate with everyone in a collection at once.

Collections can be based on interest, activity, actions, circle of friends, or what works best for you.

Get an overview of how your energy is spent with your family, friends and collections.

If your energy output doesn't feel right, you can easily adjust your settings to make a change that better suits your desires.

Infographic Part4 - The Golden Ratio
Infographic Part5 - Actions

Assign when and how often you want to engage in activities you create.

Next, decide if this is just for you or if you want to include others.

Opening your actions to others creates a natural opportunity for friends to join!

Based on your preferences, Juggle shows you who and what should be next.

With the help of Juggle, you won't miss out ... or be missed!

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Infographic Part6 - Who's Next
Blue circle with ellipses

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.”

- Thomas Merton